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It to started when I took a module at my University in 'teaching in practice' and I basically fell in love with it and everything about it! I love to help people build confidence, find their true voice and blossom in following their dreams. Helping people see that they are capable of so much more than they imagined is why I love what I do.

4 factors that play a part in singing:

- Mindfulness -

- Technique -

- Yoga Breathing and Stretching -

- Exercises -

I am extremely patient, opened minded and passionate about teaching. I implement relaxation exercises and Yoga inspired techniques into the lessons as I believe it is important to be as relaxed as possible to let the voice sing with absolute freedom. Our voice is a muscle and it needs to be looked after just like an athlete would look after their body! I spend time talking to the student, getting to know what fears may be holding them back, if they suffer from anxiety or stage fright or any other mental blocks that might be holding them back. Singing is a very vulnerable thing to do and sometimes it's about allowing yourself to let go! I think it is just as important to build a healthy mind as it is it to build a healthy voice. Both play a huge part in what you can achieve and how you can reach your goals. As I have experience in singing/performing a vast collection of genres I can teach a wide range of contemporary styles. 

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