Do you feel like you just need a push in the right direction?

OR JUST some insight with techniques to allow your voice to move more freely?


Hey, I'm Kiara, and I'm a freelance musician and vocal coach / singing teacher specialising in helping singers get to where they want to be with their voice and music career.  I am here to help you find your voice!

My studio in based in the heart of Croydon (13 min walk from East Croydon Station) 


Singers who feel frustrated as they have been singing a while but haven’t got the sound they want from their voice or are experiences vocal strain / fatigue


Professional Singers who need to work with a Vocal Coach in preparation for a tour or studio recording session

Singers who want coaching in preparation for auditions


Singers who want to work through the Rock School Exam Grades


Singers who want to rediscover their creativity and songwriting skills.


Singer - Songwriters who want constructive feedback on their original music, such as lyrics, structure, arrangement and vocal phrasing / style

Working musicians / instrumentalists who want to hone in on their voice and their singing level for backing vocals or singing lead in a band


Absolute beginners who want to find their voice and learn how to sing casually or for upcoming events like karaoke, a birthday surprise, wedding or something else!


- Close to tram, bus and train links

- Based in my home studio, welcoming and cosy!

- Online sessions available if the Studio is not local to you

- You have access to use my professional equipment to record demos and promotional material

- On street parking (pay and display) FREE after 5pm

- You are allowed to record every lesson so you are able to revisit or redo the lesson at any time!

If you want to make amazing changes to your voice and your mind set to enable you to sing as the best version of yourself, truly find your voice AND if you want your singing lessons to be fun and inspiring as well as insightful and informative - you have come to the right place!


It to started when I took a module at my University in 'teaching in practice' and I basically fell in love with it and everything about it! I love to help people build confidence, find their true voice and blossom in following their dreams. Helping people see that they are capable of so much more than they imagined is why I love what I do.

3 factors that play a part in singing:

- Mindfulness -

- Technique -

- Yoga Breathing and Stretching Exercises -

I am extremely patient, opened minded and passionate about teaching. I adapt to each individual students needs. I implement relaxation exercises and Yoga inspired techniques into the lessons as I believe it is important to be as relaxed as possible to let the voice sing with absolute freedom. Our voice is a muscle and it needs to be looked after just like an athlete would look after their body! I spend time talking to the student, getting to know what fears may be holding them back, if they suffer from anxiety or stage fright or any other mental blocks that might be holding them back. Singing is a very vulnerable thing to do and sometimes it's about allowing yourself to let go! I think it is just as important to build a healthy mind as it is it to build a healthy voice. Both play a huge part in what you can achieve and how you can reach your goals. As I have experience in singing/performing a vast collection of genres I can teach a wide range of contemporary styles. 


(if you want to know)

I trained with a vocal coach from the age of 11 (Heather Keens)

I studied a BA Hons Degree in 'Professional Musicianship in Vocals' at Brighton Institute of Modern Music 

I have spent many years performing original and cover music as a soloist and backing vocalist in a wide range of styles from Pop, Rock, Soul to Jazz and even some Classical.


I currently run a vintage vocal trio called 'The Lollipops ( as well as perform in a number of function groups.

I currently have an EP out called 'Blue' and am working on my second EP release. To stream/download click below or visit my website (



Open mic nights are currently cancelled for the foreseable future due to the Cornoavirus crisis. 

However, I have many Virtual Facebook live events you can get involved in! Please click below to find out more about these.



Since I first started working with Kiara almost a year ago, I have found myself to be not just more comfortable but also more confident performing in front of people.

Her lessons offer a great opportunity to practise in a relaxed and friendly environment. I enjoy these lessons as they balance learning a range of vocal techniques with putting them into practise with singing.

With Kiara’s help and support I even managed do an open mic night which I never thought I’d be able to do! She showed me how to create a stage presence and how to engage with the lyrics, creating a more enriched performance. I look forward to working with Kiara for my next open mic night!


Amazing! I'm so glad I decided to call, and I've not looked back since. I've been noticing a stark improvement in everything I sing thanks to my time with Kiara. I can hit notes better and easier than before, and I have lots of strategies to try to adapt my voice for different songs.

I didn't think it was possible to simply increase my range of singing like this, but when I sing now I can't believe the songs I used to struggle on. If your thinking about getting in contact, you absolutely should! Very happy. Thank you!


“Kiara is a very talented teacher and musician. She is very knowledgeable and professional but yet remains very warm and approachable. I have enjoyed developing my vocal technique with Kiara and also working with her on song writing/song production. Her teaching style is student focused and she is great at working towards the student’s own goals in a patient and committed way.”


"Kiara is a brilliant teacher. She wholeheartedly throws herself into her teaching, and her dedication and passion shines throughout her class. She is organised and thorough. She takes her time to get to know her students and enthusiastically deciphers new ways/routes to help them. I feel incredibly supported and assured that I will improve with her vocal coaching. After 3 lessons the results are evident and I am excited to see where our journey takes us."


"I have been having Singing lessons for six months now. Kiara is an amazing teacher! We do something different every lesson and I learn so much. I always leave her lessons feeling inspired, as she is very talented and patient with me"


Kiara is always receptive to any songs I may want to work on, but also very good at suggesting alternatives if there's something I'd benefit from working on more. She covers every aspect of singing and explains it all clearly, which allows me to understand what I both should and shouldn't do while practising. It's been incredibly beneficial!


"I have been having Singing lessons for a year now and Kiara makes the lessons entertaining and enjoyable. My voice has improved since I started and I feel like I have grown in confidence and developed a better understanding on how to use my voice."


"Kiara is a fantastic teacher with a real knack for explaining everything from the absolute basics of singing to the more complicated aspects of theory and technique in a very clear, understandable way. She's always willing to answer any questions I may have and has helped me become a much better singer in a short space of time. I couldn't recommend her more!"



If you are ready to book, just go ahead and click the book now button on the right of the page or via the menu. You can also click here just to take a look at all the price options.If you are still unsure and want to ask me a few questions please get in touch by clicking 'contact' via the menu. I am happy to answer anything, no matter how 'silly' it feels!


Want to surprise a friend or family member with a singing lesson? 

Know someone who sings and would love to be gifted a lesson for extra training?

Do you want a friend or family member to find something new and creative to do?

Do you know someone who loves singing but just needs a little push in the right direction?

To gift someone a singing lesson simply contact me on




Lesson payments can be arranged with the student and tutor, paid via online transfer which must be paid 48 hours before the scheduled lesson to secure the lesson.



Discounted packs must be paid in advance must be used within 10 weeks from the date of the first paid lesson or lessons will expire. If the tutor cancels any lessons that the student has booked within the 10 week period, the student will not be charged for this.



A minimum of 48 hours is required for ALL cancellations or the lesson will be charged in full, regardless of the circumstances. 




Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 




Leslie Park Road

East Croydon


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