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Hey, I'm Kiara Di Trana, and I'm a freelance musician and vocal coach / singing teacher specialising in helping singers get to where they want to be with their voice and music career.  I am here to help you find your voice!

I teach in my home studio, based in Twickenham.


Singers who want to work through graded exams such as Rock School, Trinity Rock&Pop or ABRSM. This particularly suits teenagers/young adults who want to build UCAS points towards further education or who want to pursue music further as a career. 

Singers who want coaching in preparation for auditions for College, University or Shows.


Singers who want to rediscover their creativity and songwriting skills.


Singer - Songwriters who want constructive feedback on their original music, such as lyrics, structure, arrangement and vocal phrasing / style.

Working musicians / instrumentalists who want to hone in on their voice and their singing level for backing vocals or singing lead in a band

Absolute beginners who want to find their voice and learn how to sing casually or for upcoming events like karaoke, a birthday surprise, wedding or something else!

Singers who feel frustrated as they have been singing a while but haven’t got the sound they want from their voice or are experiencing vocal strain / fatigue


Professional Singers who need to work with a Vocal Coach in preparation for a tour or studio recording session


- Welcoming and cosy!

- Online sessions available if the Studios are not local to you

- Access to use professional equipment to record demos and promotional material (upon request)

- You can record every lesson so you are able to revisit or redo the lesson at any time!

- Close to Strawberry Hill station and Twickenham Green with plently of transport access.

If you want to make amazing changes to your voice and your mind set to enable you to sing as the best version of yourself, truly find your voice AND if you want your singing lessons to be fun and inspiring as well as insightful and informative - you have come to the right place!

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